Monday, October 17, 2016

4 Reasons To Choose iPhone Over Android

I experienced this long hour but interesting arguments between team iPhone and team Android today. They both listed some solid points which are both good and bad for the both mobile OS and I decided to take it upon myself to write this post so that many Android or iOS users out there can read and gain knowledge from it just as I did today. 
4 Reasons To Choose iPhone Over Android

Android OS is powered by Google while iOS is powered by Apple and they are both globally recognized mobile OS which is both used by millions of people today. They are both good in their own different ways and offers a good user experience and satisfaction. But most times, there tends to be this unending race of who will be the number 1 among the two tech titans, and today, I'm going to be sharing with us, several reasons why you should choose Apple's iOS over Google's Android.

1.    Guaranteed Software Updates for Years: Unlike Google, which doesn't or in most cases, stops releasing software updates to older versions of their Android OS entirely, because the released a higher version of Android. Apple, however, maintains their mobile OS and still deliver system updates to users to are still using the old versions of their iOS even after they have officially released a newer version and made it available for download. Take for instance the latest iOS 10 which still works on the iPhone 5, which launched four years ago.
Android phones rarely get that kind of support because Google and many manufacturers stop issuing Android updates to their older versions after a year or so once they've released a higher version.

2.    The Best Apps and Features First: I don't really know how to rule and judge this one because, both Google and Apple have a sturdy/vigorous/robust selection of app to choose from, though iOS users tend to enjoy these apps and features first before rolling to APK(s). The preference of iOS over Android is because most developers tend to make more money from iPhone apps than they make in android app.

3.    No Crapware: Because Android is an open OS, developers and manufacturers are allowed and tends to add their own apps. But in the case of iOS which is handled by Apple starting from the hardware to the software parts, comes with no such app that I sometimes refer to crapwares.. LoL, and some of these apps are often impossible to delete from your device thereby occupying your ram and internal storage space, and also results to increased battery draining rate. These kinda apps can only be removed by obtaining a root access in your android phone or flash a custom ROM, which will make your warranty to be pretty much void.
  • Secondly, because they come (Android) and are developed by different manufacturers, developers, and OEM(s), there tend to be differences in the menu buttons, looks and features of several Android devices, though android in general, does the same function. But in iOS, the software is exactly the same no matter which carrier you buy your iPhone from.
Apple Customer support

4.    Good Service Support: Apple has a vast network of customer support. Just walk into an Apple Store and someone will help you with your device issues. and this is different with experience with Android phones. In most cases, you have to deal with your wireless carrier, not the manufacturer, if you have a problem with your phone, which means you're working with people who aren't as well versed with the knowledge of how your Android device works.

That will be all for now. In the next post, we'll be discussing the reasons why you should dump iPhone for Android and if you hate Apple, Google Pixel and Pixel XL is your best option.

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  1. Good info, another reason is that iPhone cant easily be exploited by hackers the way Android is easily exploited

    1. good point.. Android has more security issues. I guess its because it is open source


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