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iOS 10 vs Android 7.0 Nougat

You will agree with me that iOS and Android are the two most commonly used OS in mobile devices. iOS is powered by Apple Inc while Android is powered by Google and both OS are perfect for each device, it all depends on the user choice and preferences. It is recorded that 80% of the mobile phones sold this year are either Android powered or iOS, leaving Blackberry and Windows device at the brink of extinction.  

There has been several controversies among mobile phone users of iOS and Android debating/arguing which platform is superior than the other. So today we will review the both OS here on techvillz and draw a conclusion. Personally, I think the two are basically the same thing with 1 or 2 different looks and features.
iOS is only found on Apple devices like phones & tablets, aside from a few missing features on older iPhones and iPads, it is essentially identical on all.

iOS 10 vs Android 7.0 Nougat

The Android interface and features may differ between devices. This is because manufacturers/OEMs are free to change the interface and add features as they like, but bacically, all Android phones are alike, one can only prefer android that runs the "Standard’ Google Version of Android" while others might like Samsung’s Version or Nokia's of it, others might like Huawei’s design which more closely mimics iOS.

Another main difference between iOS and Android is that latter is much much more locked down when compared to Android. With iOS, you have to get apps from Apple’s app store, including other limitations that Apple imposes. Such limitations include inability to set third-party apps as the default web browser, calendar or email app. iOS user solely rely on iTunes (or certain other third-party software) to transfer videos, music and other files to and from a PC or Mac. An Android phone or tablet allows you to access the file system and use it like a USB flash drive, copying anything you like from any PC. Android user can easily get apps from PlayStore or any other Third-party developers and still set them as defaults.

iOS 10 vs Android 7.0 Nougat

Several features of iOS Include
  • Redesigned lock screen with rich notifications and widgets
  • Raise to wake (only on recent devices)
  • Swipe to unlock replaced with Press Home to unlock
  • Multi-tab Control Centre
  • Big update to Messages, including all-new app store
  • New Home app etc

These features and more can be found with the New iOS 10

Here are the highlights of Android Os Using Android 7.0 Nougat
  • Multi-window support
  • Quick Switch
  • VR support (Daydream)
  • Interactive notifications (plus bundled notifications)
  • Instant apps
  • Seamless updates
  • Rounded edged notifications etc.
These features and more can be found with the New Android 7.0 Nougat.


Because Android is Open-Source, it offers far more freedom in terms of customising the interface so that  it can suit or just look the way just the way you want it. In Nougat, there are five shortcut icons above the notifications when you pull down from the top of the screen.
When you pull down again you see more icons and an EDIT button. You can then drag extra icons into the main area, as well as choosing exactly where each icon goes. The first five are those that sit above the notifications so it’s easy to put at your fingertips those you use most.

By contrast, Apple doesn’t allow you to change any icons in the Control Centre and there isn’t even an option in iOS 10 to revert to the iOS 9-style arrangement where everything is on one tab. It’s also frustrating that you can’t see which Wi-Fi network you’re connected to unless you launch the Settings app and go into Wi-Fi. In Android you can view the name of the network in a tiny font beneath the icon, and in Nougat you can also see which Bluetooth device is connected.

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