Monday, February 13, 2017

Beware Of .Ceber3 Ramsomeware

Cerber3 ransomware is one kind of Cyber ransomware which I have not seen before. Some say it is similar to Cerber2 with subtle differences, but I say its something else entirely, some strings of malicious code that every computer user out there should be at high alert for. Ceber3 is like most ransomware and is typically syndicated by malicious email attachments!!!. The email content employs social engineering in order to trick unsuspecting victims into downloading a file under the guise that it is something it is not (Could be adverts, Coupon code, etc).  

5 Signs That Shows Your PC is Infected With Malware, How to know if my PC is infected with virus

Once the file is manually (unknowingly) executed by computer user who is  probably oblivious about it, the  ransomware will begin to advance on the computer system and carry out it’s various functions which includes encrypting the files on your system, etc. Once ceber3 enters into a computer system, it encrypts and renames every file and document in the user PC to random names which will end in .cerber3 extention
5 Signs That Shows Your PC is Infected With Malware, How to know if my PC is infected with virus

After the files on your system are encrypted, the cerber3 will automatically change your desktop background to a picture that tells you that your PC and files have been encrypted, and will be unlocked with a certain amount of fee which should be paid in Bitcoins

5 Signs That Shows Your PC is Infected With Malware, How to know if my PC is infected with virus

It is Highly Not Recommended to pay ransom-ware authors to decrypt your files, some authors will advice to use program software like Shadow Explorer, PhotoRec, Recuva HitmanPro, to restore corrupted files and none of these programs are free, you have to purchase them from the dealers to enjoy the full features. From personal experience, these programs will be useless to you if you are not skilled enough. To be honest, it'll take a highly skilled IT personnel to remove  the cerber3 from your pc. The known solution which has been proven to work 100% is to do a fresh install of windows, which will of course wipe out all your files and document.

However, Prevention is always better than cure, now that you are aware of the Cerber3 ransomeware, you can always avoid it by being careful of the sites you visit, adverts you click, kinds of mail you open, etc. Don't always click yes or agree or accept if you don't know or understand what you're accepting or agreeing to. Don't install programs from anyhow third-parties. 

In some cases, these nefarious hackers and coders go to the extent of disguising their malicious programs  to be seen and addressed by computers as a trusted publisher like Microsoft, asking you to install or to accept one command or the other. Kindly decline such requests. 

Finally, kindly share this piece of information to your friends, co-workers, anyone you can reach out. you could be saving them from a painful experience. 

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