Monday, August 1, 2016

Your WhatsApp Chats Are Not Fully Deleted

I believe there is no need for introducing Whatsapp because almost every smartphone user in the world has whatsapp installed in there device and makes use of this app to stay connected to the various people in their lives, recently whatsapp made chatting experience more interesting for it's users by adding some cool new features and also an end-to-end encryption feature which clearly states that even whatsapp can't even read your mssgs thereby guarantying privacy while using the app. The end to end encryption also ensures that hackers or any third party won't have access to your mssgs which I am sure that it made a lot of people to feel safer while using whatsapp, but I knew that something else was behind the curtain.

Traditionally, it is perceived that when a WhatsApp user deletes a particular message or group of chats from his or her chats history, the data is deleted from his App and is gone forever, but Johnathan Zdziarski after he examining the disk images from an iPhone with the new version of WhatsApp thinks otherwise. It has come to light that whatsapp keeps a forensic trace of the chat logs even after you have deleted them. According to Jonathan Zdziarski, an interdependent iOS researcher, he states tha because these logs (messages) has not been overwritten, are is still recoverable through forensic tools and claims that this will create a potential treasure trove of information for anyone with physical access to your device because the same data could also be recoverable through any remote backup systems if available. However, WhatsApp has not responded to Zdziarski’s findings.

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