Saturday, August 6, 2016


So I've been getting notification about the windows 10 Anniversary update for some days now and earlier this week I decided to give it a trial, and to be honest, I'm happy that I did. Microsoft really did a number of upgrades and  added some cool new features which I will list below.

1.    Improved Start Menu: I this update, instead of clicking on an All Apps tab, Microsoft in this Anniversary update has made the All Apps lists appear automatically. These apps appears right below the Most Used list of apps.

2.    Dark Theme: You will recall that Windows 10 looks white all the time, I myself very often feel the need for a dark theme that’s good to my eyes. After upgrading to the anniversary update, I realized that Microsoft added a dark theme which is really cool because  I’ve personally loved Windows 10  and the dark theme made me love it more. just visit the Colors option in system settings and pick the dark theme

3.    Improved Microsoft Edge: Edge is the in-built browser in Windows 10 just as Explorer is the in-built browser for the earlier version of windows like Windows 7 and Windows 8. Some improvements which I've noticed with the Windows 10 anniversary update edge browser are
  • Paste and go option in the address bar
  • Flash videos doesn't play automatically
  • History menu
  • Extensions... etc
4.    Improved Xbox One: This is where this Anniversary Update gets more interesting because, all work and no play, makes ...... a dull fellow. Microsoft made some improvements to the Xbox section of win 10 are:
  • Xbox Play Anywhere-- This feature lets you play your games on Windows 10 PCs as well as Xbox.
  • Windows 10 apps on Xbox One

5.    Bash on Ubuntu: Microsoft didn't leave the programmers unattended to. You will recall that Microsoft surprised the developers world by bringing Linux subsystem on Windows 10. So If you're a developer who loves both Windows and Linux ecosystems, you will agree with me that this feature is a great new addition.

How To Get The Anniversary Update

To get the update, you can do so by either check for updates by 
  1. Visiting Windows Update section in your pc by Going through Settings >>>>  Update and Security >>>> Windows Update >>>> Check for Updates.
  2. Visit Microsoft’s website to download Windows Media Creation Tool if you wish to perform a clean install.

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