Saturday, August 20, 2016

Whatsapp Video Call Now Available

In case you are not aware, whatsapp is currently doing testing of the features of Whatsapp Beta they are working on which I believe after testing exercise is complete, the main reason for this betta testing will be made fully known and fully available.

There has been several rumors of Video calls feature coming to the one of the most widely use instant messaging app and I have always been skeptical about this but I actually witnessed the feature by trying it out with the latest version of GB Whatsapp. Though the experience wasn't quite delightful, because of weak signal strength.

You too can go ahead and download the latest version of Gb whatsapp to your android phone, install, test and share your experience. Simply click on HERE or HERE to download. 
This is just amazing, with services like Chatsim, instant messaging and communication is going to a whole new level!!!!!. You can as well make use of the latest whatsapp text features to give yourself a maximum satisfactory user experience of whatsapp

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