Saturday, August 13, 2016

Whatsapp New Text Features & How To Use Them

Whatsapp is a great instant Messaging app with over 41,614,685 and counting downloads in Google PlayStore alone, it has come be the ruler over almost all the instant messaging apps in the world. Not long, they added some cool new features like Sharing of PDF documents, Bold texts, Italics, Strike-through etc. But unfortunately, some people have no idea about these new features or how to use them during chats, so I'm gonna take some minutes to explain a few of them and how you can use them during chats. All you have to do is to make sure that your version latest version of whatsapp as these effects won't work on obsolete versions. As you can see in the screenshot below, there are several texts effects I used as an example, they are 

1.    Bold: This is a just a text effect makes your texts to appear bolder with more of your default text colour (most cases are black). To make your whatsapp texts to be bold, simply add asterix(star) before and after the text or texts you wish to appear bold.  Like this: *Hello* *Hi* *I'm fine, thank you*

2.  Strike-Through: The strike through can be used for a cancellation effect. To make a strike through in whatsapp chat screen, simply add these symbol ~ at the beginning and at the end of the word or sentence you wish o add a cancellation effect to. Like this: ~hello~ ~How are You~ etc.

3.    Changed Font: As you can observe from the screenshot above, the last of the 3 hellos is written with a different font. The looks is different from the first and the second one. Now, some people uses several font a to achieve a changed font effects in their android phones and chat screens as well and that is cool, but some individuals are scared or have no knowledge of using font apps, you can simply do use this trick to add a changed font to your wahtsapp chat mssgs. Just add this symbol ``` 3times, before and after the word or sentence you wish to change its font appearance. Remeber, its ``` and not '''

4.  Quoting Someone's Text: I find this feature very useful in group chats, or you in a long conversation with someone and there is something he or she said earlier that you wish to make a reference to. In order to quote someone's text, simply press and hold that particular chat text and several options will appear at the top of your screen. Simply press the option that looks like an arrow, and type your own words, then send. and you will see the result will look like the one in the screenshot above. 

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