Be Informed And Earn: Another 24Hours of Massive Discounts at Banggoods' 10th Year Anniversary

Friday, September 9, 2016

Another 24Hours of Massive Discounts at Banggoods' 10th Year Anniversary

For some of us that doesn't know of Bangoods, It is an online retailing online store in China. Started on 2006, they source goods from local suppliers in Guangzhou and beyond. They sell items like electronics, Clothing, Apparel, Beauty Products etc. Banggoods will be celebrating her 10th year anniversary this September, and several goodies, discounts and prizes are up for grab, in a way to say thank you to their customers who has been patronizing them over the decade. During this anniversary period, many products will be available and each of them will come with a massive discount. 

Here are some highlights of the event:
.....         10% off site-wide coupon.
.....         Snap-up deals.
.....         Great savings on all categories.
.....         Ask Banggood anything Q&A

In order to maintain order and swift flow of their services during this anniversary period, the following rules has been made and anyone who wishes to participate in this anniversary discounts must be aware and adhere to the following rules.

===>>    The Anniversary will be a 48 Hour Sale which will commence by 10:00am on Sept 8th and end by 10:00am Sept 10th (Beijing time,UTC+8).

===>>     Products are only valid during the Anniversary 48 Hour Sale.

===>>    The "48 Hour Sale” will last for  2days only. and will cover all categories and all hot products.
===>>    You must read, agree, and accept all the rules of SNAP UP before you join Crazy Lottery and All Campaigns.

===>>    If you want more information about the Anniversary, you can receive the latest events via their  newsletter, or visit their Official Website to discuss on BG Forum

One thing I know for sure is there will be many items displayed and made available with huge discount during this 48hrs. It will be a good time to get your self a cool device with awesome specs, or other items depending on your preference.

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