Saturday, August 27, 2016

Is Your Smartphone Upgraded? Upgrade now and Enjoy 100% Data Bonus For 6Months

Are you still still using an old and outdated, are you still using a phone that can't on or make calls without the both ends tied with a rubber band? Are you still using one phone since 2000andwhen? Then its high time to change your game and move up to a higher level, because MTN want you stay in the trends of technology and enjoy your time on earth because there are benefits to it.

MTN, one of the telecoms company in Nigeria is ready to give you a 100% bonus for calls and data if you simply upgrade your device, irrespective of where you bought it, unlike before when you'll have to buy a certain phone from their office before you can become eligible to the bonus and benefits. For instance, you will be getting 7GB for 2k inlieu of 3.5GB for good 6months, all you have to do is to upgrade.

Do you wish to not be left out in this offer? Here's what to do:

1.    Buy a Smartphone phone from any store in Nigeria or change that old one you are tired of with a new and upgraded one.

>>     Insert a registered MTN SIM to the phone

>>     Wait for a notification mssg from MTN about of the bonus offer

2. Now dial *131# to activate your desired data bundle plan and make sure you have the amount of airtime  equivalent to the amount of data you wish to purchase. Once the data purchase is processed and completed, you will get double that amount of data you just purchased.

What You Need to Know
  • For dual SIM phones that has 3G on both SIM slots can still enjoy the offer irrespective of the SIM slot used. But if both SIM slots are not 3G/4G enabled, you will not be able to use. 
  • Offer is only available for SIM slots that are 3G/4G enabled.

Hmmmm..... No matter how you love your old Kpalasa phone, you just have to change it before it will pass away with change.

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