Monday, August 8, 2016


Good afternoon everyone, few days ago I talked about How to root your Camon C9, many followed the steps and successfully rooted their device, while some notified via whatsapp, expressing their inability to root their own Camon C9 with much hindrance coming from unlocking the bootloader of the device, which is very essential for a successful rooting. I am very sorry for your experiences, just follow these steps below to unlock your own device bootloader, then you can succesfully go ahaed and get your phone rooted.

1.    First, enable USB Debugging Mode (If yours id not already enabled)

2.    Enable OEM Unlocking (This option van be found in Settings >> Developer options as seen in the screenshot below)

3.   Make sure that Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is already set up in your PC and connect your device to your pc while it (Your Phone) is on. 

4.    Launch ADB and type the following commands then press enter adb devices The ADB will detect your device as Tecno Camon C9, if it detects another device, then know that there is a problem. But if the device gets detected as Camon C9, then proceed by booting it into Fastboot mode by running the following command and of course press Enter afterwards. adb reboot-bootloader

5.    When your phone boots into Fastboot Mode, type this command and again press Enter fastboot oem unlock

6.   At this stage, you will be promptedon the device asking you to confirm Bootloader unlock, simply press the volume up button for Yes (To confirm). Once the unlocked is completed, you will get a success confirmation notice.

7.     Finally, Reboot your phone by typing this command fastboot reboot and press Enter.

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