Sunday, October 22, 2017

How To Reduce Your Web Browser’s RAM Usage

This post is mainly for everyone who uses a PC with a small ram capacity. Those that always get annoyed with their PC especially when it's connected to the internet. I remember when I was using a PC with 2gb ram with only 1.6gb usable until I was able to get myself a better PC with higher configuration, I never enjoyed my PC especially when I have need to access the internet. So if you always get annoyed because your PC hangs or becomes extremely slow when you connect to the internet, don't be angry anymore, because I have a solution for you, even if you're using Windows XP, this solution will also work for you.


How to make my pc faster, how to speed up my pc internet

Allow me to introduce All Browsers Memory Zip, Thanks to AMYD Projects Official for putting together this special utility program designed for PC's with low or insufficient Random Access Memory (RAM).  Once this program is installed to your Windows Pc, it automatically monitors your CPU usage and lets you allocate a good portion of RAM memory to any browser you wish to use in your PC for surfing the web. You don't need this software.

How to make my pc faster, how to speed up my pc internet

Please be informed that the default settings allowed to the popular Google Chrome web browser is just 30MB RAM, which is very low. So, you are advised to tweak the settings to extend the limit of the maximum RAM usage to 300MB or more. Give this tool a trial and share your experience with us via comments. Visit this link to download this tool,

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  1. Uninstall Facebook App,

    Use task manager to monitor you apps and force stop any third-party app that you dont make use of.

  2. Thanks for the reply but I don't think I have such third-party apps that I don't use.


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