Monday, August 1, 2016

Holofone Comes WithH 2-in-1 OS

The pace at which technology advances daily is really alarming. Just few days ago, team ENTy from Romania won the Microsoft Imagine 2016 Competition, this competition featured so many talents from around the world and many technological items were displayed and I have no doubt that the news of those inventions will end with ENTy going home with the trophy and grand prize. Over a decade now, you will agree with me that technology is no longer what it was and will never be the same by the next decade. Smartphones, smartcars, smart refrigerators, sooner there will be smart houses, smart offices if they are not even in existence now.

Holofone Views
Akyumen a Silicon Valley technology company that builds cutting edge mobile devices and software applications has taken this game to whole new level buy producing Holofone, a dope smart device which can serve as both a smartphone and a windows pc.

I am positive that this isn't the first invention of this kind, but the surprising thing about Holofone is that one of these in built operating systems is Windows 10 and trust me, it is not the mobile version of windows 10 but it's full PC version. Holofone also has a 100-inch image projector and a 7-inch 1080p display.

Holofone Windows10 Dispaly

Highlights of the device specs include:

==>> Intel Atom 8300 processor.

==>> 4gb RAM. 

==>> 7-inch 1080p display.

==>> 13-megapixel shooter 

==>> 128gb storage space.

==>> The battery juice measure only 2910mAh.

==>> The price ranges between 600 and 900usd (with accessories).

I personally think that Holofone is a great/awesome piece and is worth exploring, but the battery juice is low and needs to be upgraded.

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