Be Informed And Earn: Exchange Your Old Phone For a Brand New One @ Slot NG

Friday, March 17, 2017

Exchange Your Old Phone For a Brand New One @ Slot NG

I am positive that there still individuals who are still on Jellybean or even far outdated gingerbread devices. There are individuals who's phones are either faulty, old or broken. There are people who's phones are not ok in one way or the other and they really wish to change it and get themselves clean and sound android device but are unable to do so because of one issue or the other especially finance issue. 

If you find yourself among any of these group, the good news I want to tell you is that you can change that your old phone with and get a brand new one with just an extra little charges included. Just follow these simple steps and get it done - However, there are few things you need to figure out, understand and get straight before you proceed. They are:-

===>>    You have to know your trading value- This simply means the value and worth of your old smartphone. You can do so by visiting a second-hand phone dealer and let him or her get an estimated value of your old device or you can as well find out from SLOT NG.

===>>    You'll be asked to complete a simple form. This form will in simple terms, capture the information that best describes the condition of your phone. You will also need to provide a proof of your ownership of the said phone. An ID card and the purchase receipt will do 

===>>    Get a voucher: After inspecting and determining a value for your old phone, by Matrix, (Matrix is the company SLOT NG is partnering with in exchanging the phone)you'll be given a voucher. You can be able to redeem this voucher based on the value of your item. Then Redeem your voucher and add more money to the value of your voucher depending on the cost of the phone you want to take home. (It won't be up to the value you are to pay if you walked into a phone dealer shop to purchase the same phone)

The following are any of Slot NG outlet you can visit
  • No 19 Computer village Ikeja Lagos
  • No 2b medical store, Ikeja Lagos.
Or any other SLOT NG outlet closest to you. You can click HERE to view their branches and outlets. Their contact numbers are listed as well.

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