Be Informed And Earn: Are You Aware of Twitoor Android malware?

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Are You Aware of Twitoor Android malware?

Another malware has been brought to light by researcher. Unlike previous malware like Quadrooter, Godless and and HumminBad that we talked about, researchers believe that this is the first known Android mobile malware to use a Twitter account, rather than a traditional command-and-control server, to control infected devices.  

This malware, dubbed Twitoor, is a dropper program designed to periodically check in with a maliciously registered Twitter account in order to receive instructions for actions such as downloading secondary payloads and switching to another twitter account. It uses Twitter, instead of command-and-control servers Lukas Stefanko states, (the ESET malware researcher who discovered the malicious app, in a company blog post). 

Twittoor disguises itself as a porn player app or MMS app, but in reality, it has been used to download several versions of mobile banking malware. The malware has been active for around a month, ESET noted.

Personally, I think that cyber-criminals stepped up thier game with this malwre. Twittor represents an evolutionary step-up in the malware business and it is very very bad!!!!! What do you have to say about this? Tell us via comments. 
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