Friday, July 1, 2016

How to Check The Originality of Your iTel Android Phone & Battery Before Buying

It is obvious that iTel Mobile may is not a popular brand in Nigeria, and their products may not be making waves unlike Infinix and Gionee,  but they surely have their customers in mind and they want you to get the best of your money especially when it comes to the authenticity of their mobile phone brands. They are currently working on releasing one of their biggest device and the juice level will be measuring at 5000mAh battery capacity. 

Information on this is still sketchy. But before you buy your next iTel mobile phone, follow the guide below to ensure the phone and battery are original before making your payments.

I always advice you buy your phones from the official stores, this way, your device will be covered by warranty in this way, if nothing happens to the device before the designed warranty period, you can can easily return it and get it fix or replaced without any charge as longs as the warranty has not been void.

Please follow these steps to make sure that the ‪#‎itelMobile you wish buy from a shop is original.

1. Enter the IMEI and VC number of the device into this site:
2. Dial *#06# to check IMEI and find VC number by removing the battery. 

Please remember to check the originality of any itel phone before you buy it from a retail/wholesale phone shop. Lots of fake devices posing to be original are everywhere now. 

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