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Good afternoon everyone, I trust we are doing alright. I received a number of mails and chats requesting that I should teach how to easily change your android imei to the imei of any device of your choice, so I will quickly cut to the chase because this post is going to be a little lengthy.

There are several ways you can easily follow and you will successfully change your device imei to the one of any device you wish, for instance, Blackberry. but I will quickly talk about the easiest method which van be applied especially by Kitkat and Lollipop (Android 4.2, 4.4 and 5.0) users and their imei will be changed without stress.

Disclaimer: Changing of imei is illegal in some sovereign states, Techvillz reserves her rights an therefore will not be held accountable by any Law or Policy which disapproves changing of imei. will neither be held responsible nor accountable for any damages or matters that may arise as a result of you changing the imei of your device. You are doing this at your own risk!!!

I will briefly explain what IMEI is all about: International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a unique 15-digit number that assigned to all cellular devices. These numbers  can use this number to block a mobile phone from being used by another person or phone company if it has been reported lost or stolen.
==>>  Before you begin download and install MTK Engineering mode and IMEI Analyzer to your device because they will both come in handy. Don't worry if I don't talk much about IMEI Analyzer in this post it id for your better understanding.

==>>  Now, Open the MTK Engineering Mode you downloaded, click on MTK Settings as seen in the Screenshot below.

==>>  When you click on MTK Settings, it will take you to another screen-page, simply swipe your screen to the right (As if you are viewing a picture), it will take you to Connectivity which is the second option

==>>  Now, you are on connectivity, simply click on the 4th option which is Radio Information

==>>  Click on Radio Information and you will see two options which will be Phone 1 and Phone 2. Phone 1 stands for sim 1 and Phone 2 stands for Sim 2. Click on Phone 1 if you wish to change the IMEI on Sim 1 and Click on Phone 2 if you wish to change IMEI on Sim 2.

==>>  Now, type the following commands depending on the option you chose, whether it is Phone 1 or Phone 2

==>>  To change your imei on Sim 1 (Phone 1), type the following command in the space provided AT+EGMR=1,7,"type your 15 digit imei number here" then press the SEND AT COMMAND BUTTON which is located directly below the textbox

==>>  To change your imei on Sim 2 (Phone 2), type the following command in the space provided AT+EGMR=1,10,"type your 15 digit imei number here" (without sapace) then press the SEND AT COMMAND BUTTON which is located directly below the textbox

==>>  As you can see in the screenshot above, I just used 1234567890 to map out the space where your own 15 digit imei should be

==>>  At this point, if you did everything correctly and press SEND AT COMMAND button, you will get a response which says At Command mSent or something similar to that, but if you get a result like command not supported in user-build or something similar to that, kindly add one space after your AT+EGMR=1 (so that your command will look like this: AT+ EGMR=1) 

==>>  After a successful changing of your imei, just reboot your phone, then dail *#06# to confirm if the imei was change.

Are still having issues? Tell us using the comment box and you will be assist asap

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