Friday, October 28, 2016

Get Up To 5K Free Airtime With Zoto 2.0

Hello, good morning everyone, How are we doing?  The other day I made a post on how to get instant unlimited airtime using Slide. Today, without taking much time, let me quickly reveal to us how you can get any amount of airtime straight to your phone number using an online Aitime recharge platform called ZOTO

What is Zoto? It is an online airtime recharge app which is aimed at encouraging mobile money and exposing the use of mobile/internet banking transactions to the fast growing economy. With this app you have nothing to loose as your first recharge of 100naira gives your a whooping sum of 1000naira  + your initial 100 making it a sum of 1100, immediately on your first recharge only. Subsequent benefits can be obtained by inviting your friends and family to the scheme.

How To Get Your Own Free 1,100naira

==>  Download ZOTO app on your Google play store. Pls make sure the application is downloaded from Google PlayStore in order to avoid downloading a clone version of application hereby exposing you to a risk of account hacking and fraud.

==>  Register with your corrects details and make sure you add your referral code while registering. 
==>  Input this code KOSS544 while registering.

==>  The reason for using a referral code is that it'll tell the makers of the app that you are promoting their platform, thereby making you eligible to get your own 1000naira free airtime of your choice without any stories.

==>  Once your are through with the registration, make your first recharge straight away using your debit Master card or Visa card to get your first 100naira  which will be debited from your bank account.

Your first recharge must not be less that #100. And it must be straight from your account. To do this follow the bellow process. 
a. Enter 100 in the space provided in the homepage of the app then click proceed. 

b.  In the coupon code space provided (KOSS544)  then click apply.

c. It will ask for your MasterCard /Visa/Verve ATM card details then fill it in. 

d. With the original application from playstore your account details are save as it only passes through the Central Bank database alone. So go ahead fill it up and complete the transaction.
e. A Six digit OTP code (One-Time-Password) will be sent to your Bank alert phone number within 10 minutes. Input it and your recharge will be processed immediately.

f. Go back to the menu of the app and click on Zotocash and you will see you've been credited with 1000 zoto-cash. A confirmation email will also be sent to your email to confirm this.

==>  Click on the ZotoCash, input the phone number you wish to get the airtime, then click on recharge now. 

==>  1000naira airtime will be sent to you instantly

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