Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Get A Great Job Today at Gr8jobsNG

One of the All-time-Problem that awaits almost every young school leaver is the search for jobs. Most graduates at this point, loose sight of what lies ahead, then loose hope of having a better future. Some joins nefarious gangs and get involved in many unlawful activities. Some of these individuals go the extent of using diabolical means to acquire wealth so that they can make both ends meet and to be called equals among their peers.

Get A Great Job Today at Gr8jobsNG
In all these happenings, The Federal Government of our dearly beloved country and motherland Nigeria, under the regime of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari launched a programmed called N-Power which is skill acquisition programme designed to train Nigerian youths and impact in them various lucrative skills in various works of life. 

The federal government also partnered with a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company, Huwaei, to train about 200 youth in another empowerment programme tagged Ict4change which was aimed at teaching our youth many things about Information Technology and also, several area in life where those knowledge can be applied and then get paid legally and handsomely for it.

Just recently, U-Connect, a human resources e-commerce platform unveiled a portal called Gr8jobsng. The aim of this platform is to bridge the gap between Job seekers and employers and to give them the ability to reach their full potential. Gr8jobsng  provides an enabling framework which allows Job seekers, the opportunity to present themselves in efficient and effective manner while capturing the attention of different employers. The platform also allows employers to effectively and efficiently select Job seekers that encapsulate the values, competencies and experience, they are looking for.

Gr8jobsNG, according to their promoters, is a key enabler to solving the recruitment and career progression challenges which are both faced by the employer and the job seekers.
To get started, simply visit their website at Gr8jobsNG or dowload their official from Appstore. 
Goodluck with your jobhunt!!!!!

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