Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Android is a great operating system, as a matter of fact it's a second best OS after Kali Linux but it really pains when some individuals use their God-giving talent to inflict harm and pains on fellow human beings. Instead of using their knowledge to make the world a better place, they use their wisdom to author many ways to do undoables using the technologies at their disposal.

An alert on a Malware called GODLESS has been  trending online, alerts and warnings are being posted by many Webmasters And Bloggers warn their readers of this deadly set of Malicious codes called GodLess. I want to use this medium to also, make my readers to make my readers know about it and stress the importance  of avoiding this malware by any means necessary.

You could imagine that as of this writing this post, a large percent of Android devices are already affected versions ranging from Android 5.1 (Lollipop) or earlier. Malicious apps related to this threat can be found in prominent app stores, including Google PlayStore, and has affected over 850,000 devices worldwide (Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation Service) In the records gathered, countries like India, Indonesia and China are among the most affected countries.

Godless, (First detected as ANDROIDOS_GODLESS.HRX) is a reminiscent of an exploit kit that uses an open-source rooting framework called Android-rooting-tools. This framework has various exploits in its arsenal which it uses to automatically root  and accept root privilege on  various Android-based devices. 

Furthermorethis malware can then auto-receive remote instructions from the nefarious programmer(s) who made it, which makes it to silently download and install apps on mobile devices without the knowledge of the phone user. This can then lead to affected users receiving unwanted apps, which may then lead to unwanted ads. Even worse, these threats can also be used to install backdoors or loopholes which enables them to spy on users.

Once a user knowingly or unknowingly downloads these malicious apps, the malware stays in Hibernation until his/her device’s screen is turned off then it will begin it's wicked or criminal routines. It will start by rooting your device then after it successfully roots the device, it will then install lots of apps in your device and marks them as system apps which will make them impossible to uninstall by traditional means.

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  1. Hmm...godless...I'm sure gonna watch out for this

  2. Initially system could be the manual evacuation in which expulsion is finished physically. Second method is programmed evacuation that contains the utilization of Anti Spyware apparatus. At the point when talking about these sorts of dangers alongside the way they perform, while it really is real that they can affect your registry by adding charges to the registry that could let this kind of use to complete whatever assignment the spyware or malware was at first implied for, a registry cleaner won't evacuate this kind of risk.remove adware from mac

    1. (h) yes,, thats true Jennifer. They really do changes on their won to the registry.


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