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Android is an amazing OS, it made so many people to be an owner of of a smartphone today, even my 80 year old great grand Ma. It's Barely 2 weeks that I made a post informing  my readers about Godless which is a combination of several malicious codes which can take over your device without your consent. Today, another set Malware which affects Android devices has surfaced and it seems to be deadlier than godless. 

According to Check Point, It originates from a well-organised group of Chinese developers going by the name of Yingmob. Sadly, Yingmob uses HummingBad to control 10 million devices globally and generate $300,000 per month in fraudulent ad revenue. This steady stream of cash, coupled with a focused organizational structure, proves cyber criminals can easily become financially self-sufficient.

The Malware came to light when Mobile Threat Prevention System automatically identified a threat by detecting exploitation attempts while examining Android devices belonging to employees at a large financial services institution. It is unfortunate that as of today, over 10million android devices are already infected by this malware with countries like China and India being on the countries with the most infected devices

I will quickly outline to you reasons why you shouldn't take HummingBad Likely. This android Malware can do the following without your consent.

==>>   It can automatically root your device and give itself root permission.

==>>  It can steal your data like personal information, financial details, etc

==>>   It can operate your device on its own, display annoying ads on your phone screen

==>>   it can always redirect your online activities to porn site.

==>>  It can factory reset your device if it tries to remotely root your device and fail

==>>   In summary, it can make itself a Boss and CEO over your device.  

How to find out if your phone has HummingBad

1.  When your phone starts displaying ads specially the ones you didn't click.
2.  When your device performance is drastically reduced.
3.  The battery of your device is always hot and doesn't last anymore.
4.  When your device uses more data and your subscription doesn't last anymore.
5.  When your phone is no longer behaving like your phone anymore.

What Do I do?

We live in an age of malicious mobile apps, and cyber-security companies have taken note. They've produced apps that can detect bad sectors on your phone and notify the user about these issues, but most times, we pay less attention to these notifications.These apps works a little like antivirus software on your device. So if you notice any of the afore-mentioned patterns in your device,  you can quickly download apps like eset, AVG, Avast, etc.  Secondly, you can do factory reset or your device 

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