Friday, June 24, 2016

Why are You Not Using Glo?

I remember when I used to pay 1k for 160mb, then it was really hard. The set of smartphone users that enjoyed cheaper then was Blackberry users. Then it was 1k for 3gb while some networks were unlimited. Then most smartphone users where Blackberry users. Now that Android has ripped BlackBerry of its glory, there is a higher increase of the platform's usage in the realm of mobile smartphone users which led to a serious competition among ISP(s) to have the largest amount of faithful data bundle subscribers. Recently Globacom Nigeria took the lead of becoming Nigeria's best data network provider. For them to remain at the top, they took the game to another level by upgrading their data subscription, thereby allowing their subscribers to get more value for their money.

Below is the summary of their latest amount data subscription and their different prices. The most amazing thin is that this subscription can work on any internet enabled device without any special settings. Just subscribe and start flexing.

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