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I've always thought Antivirus Apps are overrated when it comes to Android Os and therefore have no need to have an Antivirus app installed in your smartphone. But with the great change and advancement of technology in the world today, it is safe to say that it is never wrong to bad to be too care, especially with the protection and safety or our smartphones and the documents we store in it.           
You should know that once any device is linked to the internet, there is a 101% increased chance of the volubility of that device to be at question.Therefore, it is paramount to take necessary precautions n safe guarding the documents we store in our phones  especially our financial details that we use to perform some online transactions like Paying of Bills, Shopping,  etc.

Let me briefly Explain to us what a virus is: Historically carried over from the old PC world, a “virus” is a program that replicates itself by attaching to another program. BHH (Black-Hat Hackers) often used this method to spread their heinous work, and virus became a popular term to refer to all types of malicious software (malware) on computers. In the case of smartphones, to date we have not seen malware that replicate itself like a PC virus can, and specifically on Android this does not exist, so technically there are no Android viruses. However, there are many other types of Android malware. Most people think of any malicious software as a virus, even though it is technically inaccurate. Now Smartphones can be infected by these malware and these programs takes over your device, performs some operations on your phone like installing apps, redirecting your weblinks and online activities and so on. Some of these malicious programs goes to the extent of stealing your confidential details the such as bank and credit card details thereby leaving you susceptible to attacks from there nefarious  authors.

You can simply go online now and search, download and install  best antivirus app fro your phone. or you can simply download one from here
Below is the test result for  The best antivirus software for Android as conducted by Av Test

May 2016
AhnLabAhnLab V3 Mobile Security 3.0certified
AlibabaAlibaba Mobile Security 3.1certified
AntiyAntiy AVL 2.4certified
AvastAvast Mobile Security 5.1certified
AVGAVG AntiVirus Free 5.3certified
AviraAvira Antivirus Security 4.3certified
BaiduBaidu Mobile Security 8.0certified
BitdefenderBitdefender Mobile Security 3.2certified
BullGuardBullGuard Mobile Security 14.0certified
Cheetah MobileCheetah Mobile Clean Master 5.12certified
Cheetah MobileCheetah Mobile CM Security 2.10certified
ESETESET Mobile Security & Antivirus 3.2certified

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