Sunday, June 26, 2016

Is This Samsung’s First Foldable Phone?

Most of us thought that the previously released Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is cool, but trust me, something cooler is coming very soon from the South Korean Multinational Conglomerate Company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. Samsung has been working on foldable displays for many years now, and the Korean giant might be ready to launch its first foldable smartphone in 2017.
The Samsung Galaxy X
Sources revealed that Samsung could be welcoming us in the new year with its first foldable phone in early 2017, possibly debuting at Mobile World Congress and is apparently considering building two new smartphone models with one that folds like a wallet. One of the two devices will have a 5-inch screen when used as a cell phone but can be rolled out to show off an 8-inch display.

A different source revealed that the South Korean giant will release five smartphones come Next Year (2017) namely Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Edge, Galaxy Note 7, Note 7 Edge, and the Galaxy X. The Galaxy X is the highlight here, as it will be an entirely new category of Samsung’s lineup that will focus on the company’s foldable display for smartphones. All the aforementioned smartphones, except The Galaxy X, will have a Super AMOLED display with a 2.5K resolution, as well as an RGB subpixel arrangement. The Galaxy X is aiming far higher with a 4K display using a “Diamond PenTile Subpixel Arrangement.

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