Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Different individuals has different need for internet. For some people, internet is all about connection, meeting people, while for some people its all about surfing, downloading, gaming etc. For some individuals  who uses internet mostly for high content downloads, you're probably aware of these two tiny softwares uTorrent and BitTorrent. They are softwares clients that allows the user to quickly  download high-quality digital content like video, music, games etc. These two softwares are available in over 15 languages and securely deliver files to your PC faster. 

Their features include: 
  • Detailed graphs and stats on the health of digital media files 
  • Provides the user with a safer, more controlled downloading experience.
  • Local peer discovery and automatic port mapping increase file transfer speed without the need to reconfigure  routers or other hardware
  • Dynamic bandwidth management which allows  the user to download content without interruption
  • Web browsing, e-mail, or other applications.
But as we all know, these softwares are often slow in downloading due to issues of  the number of seeders seeding the torrent. But today I'm gonna quickly reveal to us how we can make our files to download faster Trackers List.

How Do I Boost Torrent Downloading Speed using Trackers list ?
  1. First Download and Install And Torrent Client like ĀµTorrent or Bitorrent    
  2. Add Any Download.
  3. Double Click on Downloading Torrent File 
  4. Now The Window Already Pop Up
  5. Click first in the box that has a blue color.
  6. You will see that there are already one or two trackers there, don’t delete those trackers, simply copy and paste the new trackers list from here or you download them from here after  giving a one line space
  7. After you successfully added the tracker in the tracker box, click the OK button to apply the changes.
  8. Now enjoy an increased download speed as seen in the image blow

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