Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Auto-Responder for Whatsapp

It won't come as a surprise to me if I conduct research on how many hours some of us spend with our precious devices texting and chatting on our dearly beloved WhatsApp™.  The results of this research might as well not come as breaking news to most of us. There are times a chat msg comes into our phones but we might not be with our phone or we'll be engaged with one activity or the other which impedes us from replying those WhatsApp msg. 

 Today I'm gonna share with us an app call AutoResponder for Whatsapp. This app can also be called “WA Chat Bot”. It automatically responds to pre-defined messages, which contain some words or equal a message to which it has bene configure.

  •  Automatically replies to custom/all WhatsApp™ of your WhatsApp messages, with predefined texts and simple configuration
  •  It Responds if message is equal to the ones it is configured to reply or if it just contains some words
  • You can set it to send a response to contacts who will get responses for each message they send.
  • You can also set it to send response/reply to contacts (from all/from single contacts)
  • Send multiple/random responses in your absence if you configure it set to do so

Simply Download the app from here and explore its awesomeness. Then tell us your experience and challenges.

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