Wednesday, September 6, 2017

How to Get 200% Data Bonus on GLO, eg ₦500 for 3.2gb

Getting 200% data bonus on any GLO number is as easy as ABC, though it might require some assistance, especially if you are conversant with using your ATM card for buying stuffs online. Nevertheless, you don't need to be a guru or internet wizard to this either. So without taking much time, let us quickly get into it.
how to activate glo 200% data bonus with quickteller
To get 200% data bonus on your Glo line, you need to make sure that your line is already eligible for receiving 100% bonus. This article here contains full details and requirements any GLO user must meet before he/she can be able to get 100% data bonus. But the most important part is that your active GLO data must be active before you try this.

1.   To get 200% data bonus on your Glo line, visit QuickTeller Homepage and login with your details if you already have a QquickTeller account. But if you are a new user, kindly open a new account and verify your email address.

2.   Once you are logged into your account, ignore the notification that will be telling you to install the QuickTeller app and continue with the web browser version.

3.   Now click on Data and Internet services and choose Glo Data Bundle

4.   From the list of the available data bundle plans which includes
₦100= 35MB - 1 Day
₦200= 100MB-5-Days
₦500= 800MB-7-Days 
₦1000= 1.6 GB-30-Days and so on, chose your desired data plan and type in your GLO number. and click next. Then on the next page, you will have to confirm your order and then move on to the next page where you have to provide your ATM card details and a phone number that will be used to sent you an OTP (one-Time-Password)
how to activate glo 200% data bonus with quickteller
Your ATM card details you are to provide include the 16-digit numbers at the front of your ATM card, the 3-digit CVV signature code at the back of your ATM card and also your 4-digit ATM pin code.

5.   Once you receive the OTP, type it into the space provided for it and then your request will be processed immediately and you will receive a confirmation message via text message on your phone.

Once your data has been sent, you can visit anytime or dial *127*0# to view your GLO data and its expiration date.

Note, you can also invite your friends, family, colleagues to open and use QuickTeller and you will be rewarded with 20% of whatever transaction they perform using their QuickTeller account.
how to activate glo 200% data bonus with quickteller

how to activate glo 200% data bonus with quickteller

So this how to get 200% data bonus on your GLO line using QuickTeller. Remeber, this is not a trick or free browsing, you are simply being rewarded on by GLO Ng and Quickteller for using their services to buy a data bundle. I have no idea about the exact time this bonus offer will end, so I suggest you do it now while it lasts. And if you get the data but couldn't finish it before the expiration date, don't worry, just renew the data with any higher or lesser amount of data bundle and your data plan is as good as new.

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  2. I believe its general.. Ive switched to 9mobile till they get their heads together


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