Be Informed And Earn: A Faithful Nigerian Has Something to Say About Today's #bbnaija ₦25 Million

Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Faithful Nigerian Has Something to Say About Today's #bbnaija ₦25 Million

This post was originally written by Oluchi Ezekannagha. We are do not claim ownership

Based on Logistics: Nigerian youths in Politics

Disclaimer – This write-up is not for or against Big Brother Nigeria.

Today 9th April 2017, one of five young people will be crowned the winner of BBN, based on votes by the public for him/her. I want to share lessons from the brand and for politics in Nigeria.


1. When Nigerian youths pay attention, they are quick to decipher what and who they want. In these few weeks, all social media platforms have become heated up with discussions of actions and inactions in the house. Having closely followed these housemates, people have decided to vote for their own choice. With the top three being Efe, Tboss and Bisola (based on social media mentions). 
Implications – Nigerian youths can also pay attention to the political sphere and decide who and what they want based on character, behaviors, actions and inactions.

2. This last week, I have seen more campaign on social media by young people than during the 2015 elections. These campaigns broke religious and tribal barriers. All sort of short clips came out endorsing their candidates.
Implications – That given day or month that Nigerian youths will wake up irrespective of tribe and religious divide to campaign for any matter of their choice, Nigeria as a country be on a whole new path.

3. Without receiving any money for anybody, majority* are voting with their hard-earned money and data. Also, neither Efe, Bisola, Tboss, Marvis or Debbie Rise has promised anyone a share of his/her winnings. Despite that, the voting went on.
Implications: We really can vote for an elected official without collecting rice, N1000 etc.

I can empirically conclude that Nigerian youths are NOT willing to take charge of running this country. Given that we have spent between 2 to 4 decades on earth (our share of the earth being Nigeria), it beckons us to wake up and campaign vigorously on social media whenever issues come up in Nigeria. It maybe #unemploymment #change #epilepticpower #highcostofgovernment #securityvote #unicamerallegislature etc.

In conclusion, I end with a question – Would we be better involved if young people were in power? Finally, congrats to the BBN winner, may your N25 million be fruitful. 

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