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Saturday, January 14, 2017

How To Use Airtel Blackberry Plan With Android Phone

Hello everyone, I trust we are all doing ok. It's quite unfortunate that some of us were unable to use the Airtel or Etisalat free unlimited browsing or download. But no worries, I will quickly reveal to us another way we can browse for as low as 1K for 4GB. Simply follow these simple steps I am about to list below.


  •  Generate a valid BB10 IMEI. (or you can use mine 354010050381657)
  • Newly registered Airtel sim that hasn't been recharged with airtime before (Preferably a new sim)
  • Any of these apps: Mobile Uncle Tools or Chamelephon (Download it from PlayStore) or MTK Engineering mode.
  • Knowledge of tweaking IMEI (But you can indicate if you don't know how to change IMEI and I will assist you).
  • Patience.
Do you have all these requirements? If yes, then let's begin

==>  Tweak the 15 digit BB10 IMEI into your device using any of the apps listed above
==>  Reboot your phone after you've successfully changed your imei
==>  Load your 1,000naira airtime into your newly registered Airtel sim using the normal *126*pin# 
==>  Subscribe to Airtel Blackberry plan by dialing  *431# or *440*1# (3GB for 30days)

==> Leave your phone's default internet settings on Airtel's default APN that is

==> On your data connection and start flexing.

The advantage of this plan is that it doesn't zap, to use this subscription on PC, simply connect through Tethering Hotspot


  1. ;(( too stopped giving free data when you load with *555*pin#

  2. Yes ooooo... The same way they increased night plan of 50naira for 1.5gb to 200naira for 1.5gb