Be Informed And Earn: These 5 PC Troublueshooting Tips Will Make Your PC Faster This Fall

Sunday, October 22, 2017

These 5 PC Troublueshooting Tips Will Make Your PC Faster This Fall

Holidays are great times especially if it's fall breaks. Besides hallowen, thanksgiving, is another time we get to be with our families and loved ones, and do nothing else other than to merry. Fewer talks about our jobs, or business, just families, loved ones and pretty much everyone we care about having a great time together. Family and friends that live in far and near distances converge to spend time with one another, it can also be the only time you'll have to assist your loved times in fixing some of their computer related issues especially slowness and unresponsiveness.
How to troubleshoot my pc, Make my Pc faster

So this 5 tips I am about to list below will help to fix any problems on your PC or in any of your loved ones regarding, slow, lagging or unresponsive laptops or desktop. Just read and follow the instructions below and you're ready to go. Please note that the tips listed are not for or to be applied on any PC in a perfect working condition.

1.     Clear The Cache/Cookies:    Most computer and internet users don't know these, but anytime you use your laptop to do anything, let's say access a website, your computer, stores information about that site to its storage media and these stored items are called cache. This cache will make that particular website to load faster anytime you access it again. After clearing the cache, clear the cookies as well. Cookies are just tiny bits of information about how you visit and interact with a particular website. 

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The process of clearing the cache of a browser will differ, depending on the browser you are using. But as for Chrome go through the Three dots at the right-hand side of your browser then click on it, now scroll down and click on settings, then click on Privacy, then click on Clear browsing data. 
Alternatively, you can download CCleaner from here, install and crack the software by following the instructions inside the zip file, then launch the software and set to software how you want it to be handling your cache and cookie issues.

2.     Make Sure Your PC is Free From Any Malware:    Its been advised severally to be cautious of emails we open, attachments we download, or even ads we click on because these are most known way hackers and cybercriminals use to trick us into giving them access to our computers. I have written extensively about malware and how best to avoid them. There might be several articles online on how to remove malware (a simple google search will do), but I can't vouch if any of them will actually work. I always believe that preventing a problem is better than solving it. So beware of adverts you click on or email you open and attachments you download.

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3.    Check For Ram Usage:    

Sometimes, the slow response of laptops can also be as a result of small ram size or, there are too many apps that are running simultaneously, thereby reducing the speed of the computer. In other to fix this, open the windows task manager or Activity Monitor for Mac then look for unwanted running apps and disable them. But be careful so that you won't stop or disable the core processes and programs.

4.    Uninstall The Unwanted(s):    

Removing unwanted programs will free up some space on your computer as well as some breathing space, especially if the programs comes with some running background services. To uninstall any program on your Windows PC, go to your Control Panel and click on Programs and Features, then click on programs, followed bu that particular software you wish to uninstall. However, some programs may leave behind some traces and residuals and can only be removed by manual means, so in other to perform a full install, it is recommended to use an uninstaller like iOrbit or the CCleaner you downloaded earlier. Then for Mac PC, you'll need to get a third-party uninstaller like AppCleaner.

5.     Reinstall Windows:     

You Might have done all these things listed above, but the PC don't want to pick up pace, or some hardware part like the keyboard is no longer responding, then I'm sorry, but you'll need to make a fresh installation of your OS (or formatting as commonly known). But before you do that, you'll have to backup your files and documents in a secured drive. I would recommend Windows 8.1 Pro for most laptops or Windows 10 if you are OK with the regular auto updates.

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  1. I want to move from win 7 to win 8.1

    1. You have to get the iso from dealer shops, and install it, but get someone to assist you if you can't do do or know how to


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