Sunday, April 2, 2017

How To Use Andriod Cortana & Get Notifications In Your Windows PC

So you're mostly on PC working, chatting, seeing a movie or TV show/series, and you're mostly unkeen to check your phone from time to time so you just ignore all those notifications coming into your phone and get ahead with what you're doing and maybe in the course of ignoring those notifications, you might miss something you wouldn't wanna miss. Thanks to Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you don't have to worry about the notifications coming into your phone while you're busy with your PC. 

This tutorial is gonna show you how you can connect your phone to your PC and easily check and you view notifications from your installed app, missed call/texts, get notified when your battery juice level needs recharging, interestingly, you can locate your phone anytime while at it, all you need to do is to tell Cortana to do so for you, by saying "Hey, Cortana, find my phone," and Cortana will locate your phone on a map. The Cortana app is available to both iPhone and Android users, but the iPhone version doesn't support much tweaks like the Android version.

To get started, go to Google PlayStore and Download the Cortana Andriod App. Unfortunately, the app is only available to users from the United States, but users from outside the US can also download and install from APKMirror.

  • Open the downloaded app and sign  in to your Microsoft account, or Sign up if you don't already own a Microsoft account.

  • Go to the menu icon (the three lines) located at the upper left corner of the app & go to Settings > Sync Notifications.

  • Here, you will see four different option/types of notifications that can be synced (enabled) which include Missed Call  Notifications, Incoming Message Notifications, Low Battery Notifications & App Notifications.

  • By default, The first three options are usually turned on but the fourth notification which is the App Notifications is off and needs notification access before it can be turned on. Once you turn this option on, you will see a new menu option that lets you choose specific apps to sync (or not sync).

Go to your Windows 10 PC and Open Cortana, go to Settings > Send notifications between devices. This option must be turned on in order for Android syncing to happen.

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